Pressure metrology

Examples for our production processes and methods

JAKO operates its own special machine construction division to make sure that JAKO measuring instruments meet the highest quality and performance requirements and can be cost-effectively produced. The example of dial pressure gauges gives you some insight into our different production methods and facilities.

Connection pins

Turning and milling processing of many materials

  • 350 different turning and milling parts
  • Copper processing
  • Brass processing
  • Machine steel Z908
  • Steel ST37
  • CrNi stainless steel 1.4571
  • CrNi stainless steel 1.4404
  • Aluminium
  • Hastelloy, monel, tantalum, ...


Movement of the pointer - highly precision

Punching parts made of brass, nickel silver or stainless steel

  • 36 different precision measuring elements
  • Punching parts made of brass, nickel silver or stainless steel
  • Riveting and screwing


Bourdon tube - measuring element

Manual assembly

  • 145 different sensing elements in dependence of measuring range
  • Material tensions are eliminated from all sensing elements by tempering; for stainless steel Bourdon tube sensing elements e.g.:  12 hours at a temperature of 400°C


Chemical seals

Manual and semi-automatic welding and soldering processes

  • TIG welding for stainless steel materials
  • Plasma welding: for material thicknesses < 0.5 mm
  • Autogenous welding: chemical seals, connection of remote sensors
  • Induction welding
  • Spot welding: bimetal elements
  • Induction soldering: brass Bourdon tube - high temperature guard
  • Soft soldering (280°C)
  • Hard soldering (650°C)


Fluid damped measurement systems

Water-tight welding, vacuumising, filling with damping fluid

  • Glycerine < 80°C
  • Silicone oil > 80°C
  • Paraffin oil, FDA approved!


Pressure gauge adjustment

High-precision intermediate and final tests

  • Repeated end value load
  • Dial assembly
  • Zero-point adjustment
  • Test of measurement accuracy class
  • End value loads
  • Final control