Seminar - Calibration of pressure gauges!

Theory and practice for calibration and test engineers in pressure metrology

Twice a year, JAKO organises a workshop-type seminar. This seminar is held in German (English on request) only. Newcomers and experienced test, calibration, quality and production engineers get a comprehensive overview of the principles of pressure metrology and gain practical calibration skills as well as experience in the calculation of the expanded uncertainty of measurement. Naturally, there will be sufficient time for participants to ask anything they would like to know about in-house test equipment monitoring.

1. Target group:

Our calibration seminar is targeted at

  • Test engineers
  • Quality engineers
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Plant designers

2. Objective:

After having attended this course, participants in the seminar should be able to independently carry out the following activities:

  • Selection of the required verification management within the scope of test equipment monitoring in accordance with ISO 9001
  • Namely: which cases call for a verification, an ÖKD calibration, factory calibration, self-calibration
  • Assessment of official requirements to the correct issuance of calibration certificates
  •  Correct decisions on the required course of action based on test results on the calibration certificate
  • Determination of the uncertainty of measurement for in-house test equipment monitoring
  • Execution of in-house calibrations within the scope of test equipment monitoring in accordance with ISO 9001

3. Prerequisites:

  • General knowledge of pressure metrology is an asset but not a requirement

4. Course contents:

  • Principles of metrology
  • Terms and definitions in metrology
  • Principles of pressure metrology
  • Device types as well as sensing elements and measuring principles
  • Norms and standards in pressure metrology
  • Metrological methods and facilities for calibration
  • Information on verification certificate
  • Information on calibration certificate
  • Practical tips for self-calibration
  • Practical performance of a calibration
  • Joint evaluation of the results and preparation of a calibration certificate

5. Terms and conditions of participation:

Duration: 09:00 to 16:00 incl. lunch and a tour of the factory
Seminar language: German, on request we can organize the seminar also in English
Participants:     minimum 6, maximum 10 participants
Instructor:        Robert Smegal, Head of Verification and Calibration Centre
Seminar documents: A4 seminar documentation – collection of loose sheets
Participation confirmation: first name and family name incl. seminar objective and contents
Date:          1 x spring seminar (April), 1 x autumn seminar (October)
Participation fee:   EUR 180 excl. VAT per participant
Payment:     payable in advance, without deduction, 14 days after receipt of the confirmation of date
Terms of cancellation:
  • no cancellation fee if the seminar is cancelled due to an insufficient number of participants (i.e. if less than 6 participants have signed up)
  • starting from 4 weeks before the seminar date:50% of participation fee