Temperature Metrology

Examples for our production processes and methods

JAKO operates its own special machine construction departement to make sure that JAKO measuring instruments meet the highest quality and performance requirements and can be cost-effectively produced.The example of bimetal thermometers gives you some insight into our different production methods and facilities.

One-piece thermowells, shaft designs, base pieces

Drilling, turning, milling, cutting

  • CNC drilling and milling machine
  • Fully automatic cutting, punching and press machines
  • Flexible and cost-effective small series production


Surface treatments

Slide grinding, vibratory grinding, degreasing, washing

  • Deburring
  • Preparation for a galvanised surface finish
  • Multiple treatment for oil and grease-free
  • device designs


Designs in bimetal

Punching, coiling, turning of base pieces, spot welding of sindels

  • Spiral bimetal elements in flat design for clip-on-pipe thermometers

  • Longitudinal bimetal elements for standard and industrial bimetal thermometers

  • 70 different bimetal elements in dependence of measuring range and measurement accuracy



Housing and measuring sensor joints

Joining methods – manual and semi-automatic

  • TOX clinching joining system

  • Pressing

  • Punching

  • Riveting

  • Wobbling

  • Gluing


Assembly of standard bimetal thermometers

Manual and semi-automatic

  • Company’s own special machine construction division
  • Rotary tables with 12 stations
  • Large series production


Customized dial inscriptions for OEM customers and partners

TEXT, LOGO or GRAPHICS inscription

  • 1,100 brands of different equipment manufacturers
  • TEXT inscription (standard design), monochrome
  • LOGO inscription (premium design), 1-colour print
  • GRAPHICS inscription (individual design), 5-colour print
  • 1,700 special customized scales


Industrial thermometer assembly

Assembling – manual and semi-automatic

  • 130,000 different customized device types
  • Industrial housing types: bayonet catch or retaining ring

Thermometer test rig

Intermediate and final tests

  • Several test baths
  • Tested are the dial travel, the accuracy limits and the reaction rate


Thermowell production

Manual and semi-automatic

  • Rotary table with 11 stations, e.g. for cutting, milling, washing, soldering
  • Integrated final test procedure: 100% final leak test
  • Automatically processable lengths of: 45 to 250 mm
  • Hard-soldering



Thermometer adjustment & final control

Logging and calibration

  • Set screw in thermowell
  • Test rigs
  • Connection with loose threaded nipple