Accredited calibration service centre of JAKO

Calibration of pressure gauges and electronic pressure measuring devices in accordance with EN ISO 17025

Cost-effectiveness, operational reliability and product qualityare directly related to regulating and control circuits that are based on exact process indicators. As accredited calibration centre with the registration number ÖKD33 (see adjacent image), JAKO is a member of the Austrian Calibration Services Association [Österreichischer Kalibrierdienst ÖKD] and accredited in accordance with the international standard EN ISO 17025. The competence and independence of the JAKO calibration centre is verified in regular monitoring audits by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economy, Family and Youth in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying. In addition, JAKO participates in national interlaboratory comparisons in order to continuously test and verify its competence.

1. Your benefit, your advantage:

JAKO gives you the reliability you need! Our Calibration service ensures reliable measurement results and gives you:

  • a record of the individual measured values of the calibration points
  • a graphical illustration of the individual measured values
  • determination and confirmation of the expanded uncertainty of measurement (for every calibration point)
  • traceability to international standards
  • information on the useful determination of calibration intervals
  • international acceptance of the calibration certificate through the European Cooperation of Accreditationdue to the mutual recognition of the accreditation authorities on international level

JAKO customers typically operate:

  • calibration standards in official test institutes and laboratories
  • working standards within the scope of corporate quality assurance
  • industrial type pressure gauges with exacting requirements to the measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • direct reading pressure measuring devices from the process industry such as e.g. pressure transmitters

2. Our scope of service and accreditation

As accredited Calibration Service Centre, JAKO carries out calibrations for

  • pressure gauges and
  • electrical direct reading pressure measuring devices

with the following properties:

Measurement requirement

Measuring medium

Measuring range

Uncertainty of measurement

Positive overpressure

Gaseous media

0 to 70 bar

0.03 % of end scale value but not smaller than 1mbar

Positive overpressure

Liquid media 0 to 700 bar 0.025 % of end scale value but not smaller than 16mbar

In addition, our factory test labor also offers calibrations for other measuring ranges and measurement accuracy classes!

3. ÖKD calibration certificate - structure and content

JAKO also issues bilingual ÖKD calibration certificates – in German and English (see sample calibration certificate)

  • Unambiguous reference to an international standard

  • The individual measured values are recorded for up to 10 calibration points (number depends e.g. on the scale range) and the measurement error in relation to the standard is determined as well as documented in charts and graphically illustrated

  • The expanded uncertainty of measurement is determined for every calibration point and reported on the calibration certificate

4. Parameters for the determination of the uncertainty of measurement

JAKO determines the expanded uncertainty of measurement in accordance with the ISO/IEC Guide 98-3/Suppl.1:2008 (GUM) - “Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement”. The following factors influence the determination of the expanded uncertainty of measurement:

  1. Uncertainty of measurement of the reference standard, the measuring equipment and the measuring method including the reading error caused by the human eye.
  2. Uncertainty of measurement due to anbient conditions such as e.g. measuring medium temperature, ambient temperature, gravitation, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, difference in altitude
  3. Uncertainty of measurement of repeatability, i.e. of the ability to measure the same measurement result in two independent measuring cycles
  4. Uncertainty of measurement as result of the hysteresis, i.e. from the measured difference between two measurements per calibration point, once as the measurement result in a cycle of increasing pressure and once in a cycle of decreasing pressure.
  5. Uncertainty of measurement of the test medium in dependence of the relative density of the measuring medium

5. JAKO helps cutting costs! Calibration of entire device groups

JAKO’s Calibrations Service are available both for single devices as well as for entire device groups. This allows further optimising costs for device groups of the same type and scale range.

6. JAKO’s aim is to optimise costs! Outsourcing of test equipment monitoring

Many of our customers decide on outsourcing for economical reasons. If you are one of them, JAKO will take over the test equipment monitoring of your pressure measuring devices for you. An electronic test equipment file is created for every customer and measuring device, in which calibration intervals, adjustments, calibration results, decommissioning, repairs and all important events revolving around the measuring device are recorded. JAKO ensures that you are informed on time about the calibration dates and that a complete documentation is available for every measuring device.