Welcome to JAKO´s Calibration and Verification centre

Officially authorised and internationally recognised

JAKO’s verification and calibration centre for pressure gauges and pressure measuring devices has been accredited by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economy, Family and Youth, i.e. it is officially recognised and authorised as test laboratory to carry out verifications and internationally recognised ÖKD calibrations.

The verification and calibration centre is headquartered at the seat of the company JAKO, is, however, managed as self-contained and independent business unit.

Head of JAKO Verification and Calibration Centre

Independent and manufacturer-neutral

The overall responsibility lies with Robert Smegal who, with his more than 20 years of experience in the field of pressure metrology, contributes his extensive knowledge to the development and operation of the verification and calibration centre. 

The business activities are carried out in dedicated premises completely separate from the production facilities of JAKO in compliance with the national and international accreditation requirements. To meet one of the key parameters for the determination of measuring instruments’ uncertainty of measurement, the climatic conditions in these premises are continuously monitored and recorded. Furthermore, only the staff of the verification and calibration centre is allowed access to the verification and calibration centre. For the time it takes to carry out a measuring device verification or an ÖKD calibration, no one leaves or enters the test laboratory in order to ensure reproducible conditions. 

JAKO’s verification and calibration service guarantees complete retraceability to the international reference standard, creates transparency and reproducibility regarding the uncertainty of measurement of the measurement results and is designed for the verification and calibration of both single devices as well as entire device groups.

Officially authorised verification centre

Legal security with JAKO

As officially authorised verification centre, JAKO is the partner for all companies using pressure gauges in Austria in the areas regulated by law and for which the verification of suitability of the measuring devices – or stamp marking (device seal) – is a mandatory prerequisite for a legally secure operation of the respective systems or products. Normally, these are measuring devices the proper functioning and measurement accuracy of which is directly related to the health and safety of people or that serve as measure to determine prices in the public trade in goods. JAKO is authorised to use the accreditation mark as sign of official validity for the authorisation to carry out this sovereign activity.

International ÖKD calibration centre

Reliable measurement results with JAKO

JAKO’s accredited calibration service is mainly targeted at companies in Austria and abroad which require the measurement results of their pressure measuring devices to be absolutely reliable and safe in their reproducibility. This mostly concerns calibration standards of in-plant test laboratories or of commercially active test institutes. But there are also many companies that outsource the entire test equipment monitoring of their pressure measuring devices to JAKO for cost reasons.