Repair services

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JAKO measuring instruments are characterised by a zero maintenance operation.

In the rare cases in which any product defects are identified, these are usually transport or logistics damages (for details see below) that can be detected before installation or the start of operation. In a very few cases, there may be product defects caused by operational reasons, such as e.g.

  • consequential damages due to incorrect applications planning
  • errors in assembly or use
  • overloading or overstraining
  • operation period-related material fatigue or wear and tear

For these cases, JAKO offers a 3-day repair guarantee.

3-days repair guarantee

JAKO guarantees a repair within 3 working days (excluding transport time) for all products supplied by JAKO following receipt of the defect of damaged returns. If this is not possible for technical or other reasons, the customer will be promptly informed thereof. The remedy is made at the discretion of JAKO either by repairing the defect goods or with a replacement delivery of equivalent goods.

If JAKO is responsible for the damage or defect and the applicable guarantee conditions for the respective damage are met, no costs will be incurred by the customer for the repair of the products. Otherwise, the respective costs will be charged on a time and material basis, however, with a maximum amount of the respective prices charged at the time of product purchase.

Transport damages

Transport damages must be detected by the customer at the time of receipt of the goods or immediately afterwards, however, in any case before installation, use and utilisation of the products, and reported to JAKO in writing within 24 hours. Otherwise, the transport insurance will no longer be able to cover the costs.

If the defect product is in a damaged transport or original product packaging, the defect can be attributed to improper handling, i.e. to the non-compliance with the warning notices on the packaging of the supplied products.

Relevant photographs, e.g. both of the packaging as well as of the product – are to be transmitted to JAKO for damage analysis and assessment (see goods return slip – electronic attachment).

Logistics damages

Logistics damages are undetected transport damages or damages discovered during the storage, intermediate storage or handling of the goods up to the time they have reached their destination - the place of installation and use – i.e. within the customer’s logistics chain before installation and use of the products; such damages must be reported to JAKO within 24 hours after their discovery.

The repair of the damaged products is made in accordance with the JAKO repair guarantee at the respective applicable repair rates.