Certificates and awards

Proves of confidence in the quality of our business


Verification and calibration centre for pressure measuring devices

JAKO has been operating its own calibration centre for many years. Therefore, we have also been issuing 3.1 inspection certificates according to EN 10204 for many years both for pressure and for temperature measuring devices. This test laboratory has been established as separate and independent business activity and accredited by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economy, Family and Youth since 2010. Thus, JAKO is authorised to carry out internationally recognised ÖKD calibrations and verifications recognised by the state.



Since 1995, Quality Management System according to ISO 9001

In 1995, JAKO was the first manufacturer in the pressure and temperature metrology sector to be certified according to ISO 9001. Quality Austria (www.qualityaustria.com) was chosen as certification body, as this certification organisation was the first certifier to be accredited in Austria and, as leading national certifier, also is a member of the IQNET Association, the international network of national certification bodies.

In surveillance and renewal audits, JAKO supplies proof of the continuous development of its Quality Management System and the continuous improvement of JAKO’s business and production processes.



Certification mark

Holder of the Quality Austria mark no. 682

As proof of honest certification, JAKO is authorised to display the certification mark of Quality Austria on all its business documents and packaging. JAKO’s certificate number is shown on the certification mark.


IQNET certificate

Recognised in more than 50 countries!

JAKO is also an authorised holder of the IQNET certificate. IQNET is the worldwide largest network of national accredited certification bodies with mutual recognition of the ISO 9001 certificates. Therefore, the JAKO certification is recognised in 56 countries. On customer request, JAKO can get an ISO 9001 certificate issued by the respective leading national certifier, without another audit being required, exclusively by presenting the IQNET certificate.

IQNET certification mark

Sign of international recognition

As sign of international recognition of the certified Quality Management System, JAKO is authorised to display the IQNET mark on business documents and packaging.

State awards

Since 1981, bearer of the Austrian coat of arms

In 1981, JAKO was honoured by the Republic of Austria for its exceptional performance and leading position as provider of high-quality pressure and temperature metrology equipment and services. Therefore, JAKO is authorised to display the Austrian coat of arms on its business papers and documents. This is not only the recognition of a leading market position but also a commitment to Austrian quality in international competition.