Certified test labor of JAKO

Issuing factory test reports or 3.1 inspection certificates

The JAKO test labor ideally complements our internationally recognised and accredited calibration centre. The labor is certified according to ISO 9001. Here, industrial type pressure gauges and thermometers are tested for their utilisability and process reliability. If this is done in suitable calibration intervals, also the quality assurance requirements to test equipment monitoring in accordance with international or industry-related standards such as e.g. ISO 9001 or GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice are met with this service.

For measurement requirements, the results of which have a decisive impact on the cost-effectiveness or legal security of manufacturing and control processes, the determination of the expanded uncertainty of measurement as well as the traceability to the international standard are mandatory prerequisites. In these cases, JAKO’s accredited calibration centre is and will be the best and preferred choice of our customers.

1. Your benefit, your advantage

JAKO offers:

  • factory test for a company’s calibration and working standards
  • factory test for high-precision industrial type measuring devices
  • organisation and takeover of the entire test equipment monitoring for pressure and temperature measuring devices (outsourcing)

JAKO issues factory test reports and 3.1 inspection certificates in accordance with EN 10204. These certify that the design of the respective measuring device meets the applicable type standards. The factory test certificate includes the following metrological data (see also factory calibration certificate sample):

  • a record of the individual measured values of the test points
  • a graphical illustration of the individual measured values (only for factory test report, not for 3.1 inspection certificates)
  • traceability to international standard
  • information on the useful determination of calibration intervals
  • adjustment, if requested and/or required

2. Our scope of service:

JAKO tests pressure and temperature measuring devices with the following device properties:

Pressure measuring device

·        Temperature measuring device

Measuring device type and principle:

  • Dial pressure gauge - all measuring principles
  • Contact pressure gauge – all types of limit indicators
  • Pressure gauge with angular displacement transducer
  • Electronic direct reading pressure measuring devices
  • Pressure measuring transducer

Messgerätetyp und - prinzip:

  • Zeigerthermometer - alle Messprinzipien
  • Kontaktthermometer - alle Varianten an Grenzwertgebern
  • Zeigerthermometer mit Drehwinkelmessumformer
  • Direktanzeigende  elektronische Temperaturmessgeräte
  • Widestandsthermometer - auch mit Messumformer
  • Thermoelemente - auch mit Messumformer

Angewandte  Normen und Regelwerke:

  • EN 837

Angewandte Normen und Regelwerke:

  • EN 13190


  • -1 bar bis max. 1000 bar


  • -40°C bis max. +800°C


  • bis zu 0,025% vom Messwert, je nach Druckbereich


  • bis zu 0,05% vom Messwert, je nach Temperaturbereich


  • mindestens 5 Prüfpunkte
  • Anzahl auf Kundenwunsch


  • mindestens 5 Prüfrpunkte
  • Anzahl auf Kundenwunsch