Company history

60 years of MADE in AUSTRIA quality

JAKO, as Austrian producer, has been one of the leading manufacturers in the pressure and temperature metrology sector for more than 60 years. The following is a brief overview of all of JAKO’s development stages:

JAKO service orientation

2000 to 2010

2010: The calibration centre that has been operated by JAKO for many years is accredited as verification and ÖKD calibration centre by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs. The test laboratory is operated independently of JAKO’s production company and provides verification as well as calibration services for pressure measuring devices of all manufacturers both for single devices as well as for entire device groups


2009: The JAKO brand print service is upgraded with a new print technology. In addition to the offset printing method with the option to print customized logos, graphics or texts with up to 5 colours and the monochrome matrix inkjet printing for text inscriptions in block letters, JAKO has integrated the pad printing method into the production process. This printing method allows producing instrument dials with a monochrome logo and text imprint with short delivery time.

2009: Ensuring TRUE PRECISION is what JAKO is committed to not only when it comes to our measuring devices, but in all we do. It is our corporate mission and what we strive to provide to our customers in Austria and abroad. 

2008: The production of standard brass sleeves is automated. The main aim was also the development of an eco-friendly production method and the minimisation of contaminant exposure of our employees. The design of the machine also included a continuous leak test of the mechanically produced brass thermowells.  Therefore, all supplied JAKO standard sleeves have been subjected to a leak test.

JAKO process and quality orientation

1990 to 2000

1999:  JAKO celebrates its 50 years anniversary as family business headquartered in Vienna and as reliable partner of customers in more than 20 countries. (today, the company is active in more than 30 countries)


1996: Aquatherm Fair - JAKO presents its products to the interested specialist audience from the sanitary, heating, air conditioning and ventilation sectors. The Aquatherm Fair was only one of many fairs in Austria and abroad that JAKO has attended as exhibitor in the last decades.



1995: JAKO is the first manufacturer in the pressure and temperature metrology sector to be certified according to ISO 9001. Since the implementation of the JAKO Quality Management System, all business processes are subjected to a continuous development and improvement process. In the beginning, this concerned the production processes only, but starting from now, all business processes, in particular also all planning and customer-oriented processes such as sales, purchase order processing and customer service have been integrated.


The quality capability is continuously proven in annual monitoring and renewal audits by the national and accredited leading certifier Quality Austria, an independent third party.




JAKO growth in 2nd generation

1980 to 1990

1987: KR Ing. Helmut Jakobowitz takes over the management of his father’s company. His business objective is not growth at all costs or the expansion of the business activity with takeovers and joint ventures. In fact, he pursues a corporate strategy that is based on sustainability and organic growth from the company’s own activities. Long-term partnerships are more important to him than short-term success. Thus, JAKO pursues a completely different growth policy than other companies on the market.

1987: JAKO for the first time patents one of its own developments. The patent concerns the design of a combined pressure and temperature gauge  for the simultaneous pressure and temperature measurement in a measuring point.

1986: In this year, the business activity reached an extent that required a building specially designed for JAKO to allow its efficient and effective management. An administration building was erected on the company’s own premises in the south of Vienna with directly connected production hall and storage.


1981: JAKO is honoured by the Republic of Austriafor its exceptional performance and leading position as provider of high-quality pressure and temperature metrology equipment and services. We consider the right to bear the coat of arms of the Austrian state not only a recognition of our leading position in the market, but also a commitment to Austrian quality in international competition.

JAKO production automation

1970 to 1980

1979: After a development period of three years, the first special rotary table for the semi-automated production of compact bimetal thermometers was put into operation. From this moment on, JAKO kept developing new automation methods for product-specific production and test procedures in order to continuously improve product quality and to be able to at least compensate some of the continuously increasing costs due to wage increases under collective agreements, increasing energy costs and increasing raw material or semi-finished product prices.


1976: Change of name to JAKO Gesellschaft für Messtechnik GmbH.

JAKO’s pioneering days in the export business

1960 to 1970

1970: The growing export business finally required also an increase of production capacities which resulted in the need for a new company location. Also this time, it was decided in favour of a company location in Vienna, in the 2nd district, Untere Augartenstrasse 30. At that time, the logistics network was not yet established to the extent it is today and that was the reason why it was important for JAKO to keep its company headquarters in the centre of Europe – in Vienna.

1965: JAKO founds a branch in Freilassing. Closer customer proximity, shorter delivery times, attractive prices and an excellent service level were what fuelled export demands already at that time.


1960: JAKO for the first time attended the Hannover Fair, targeting the German market. With the increasing internationalisation of the Hannover Fair, also more and more contacts were made with international partners. Today, JAKO products are exported to more than 30 countries.

JAKO foundation days

1949 to 1960

1959: The company was finally taken over by Friedrich Jakobowitz as sole proprietor. As trained merchant and master, he met all requirements to realise his own ideas for the development of the young company.

1957: The time for expansion had come for the successful business of manufacturing pressure and temperature measurement instruments, as production, storage and administration activities needed more space. Thus, the company was relocated to 1050 Vienna, Christophgasse.

1949: Friedrich Jakobowitz begins to develop a new business activity in his uncle’s company - the manufacturing of pressure gauges and thermometers. Up to this point in time, the company’s main business purpose was the sale and repair of sewing machines.