Medical device manufacturers

Medical devices are subjected to strict requirements and special marketing authorisation procedures. As integral element of medical instruments, pressure and temperature measuring devices play an important role in their operational safety. The applications range from blood pressure meters up to respirators.

JAKO measuring devices are designed, manufactured and supplied accurately meeting the very individual requirements of the device manufacturers. JAKO is also an accredited and internationally recognised verification and calibration centre and is, therefore, also the ideal partner for manufacturers and operators when it comes to the regular and periodical measuring device calibration or verification.

Typical areas of application

JAKO product & service offer
  • Blood pressure meters
  • Pressure control devices for cardiovascular machines
  • Pressure control devices for respirators
  • Silicone free device design
  • Oil and grease free device design
  • Customized connection types, e.g.: for panel and console mounting
  • Austrian verification service
  • Internationally recognised ÖKD calibration service