Food industry

In the food industry, manufacturing methods and processes must meet the strict requirements of the GMP Directive (Good Manufacturing Practice). Microbiological contaminations must be prevented with a respective hygienic design of the plant and plant components. This particularly applies to the measuring instruments used that must meet very exacting requirements in terms of material, surface quality, connection system and cleanability.

JAKO provides customized solutions! On request, exclusively FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved materials and substances are used. The components in contact with media are of highest surface quality and both in terms of material (1.4571, 1.4404, 1.4435) as well as in their construction designedfor residual-free cleaning and sterilisation in cyclic and continuous processes (CIP and SIP). On request, also a EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group)-compatible product design is available. Depending on the specific requirements, the devices are supplied with the industry standard connection types, e.g. milk pipe screw connection DIN 11851, tri-clamp for standard applications or clamp DIN 32676, clamp ISO 2852 or with the CIP/SIP-compatible aseptic connections according to DIN 11864.

JAKO is also an accredited and internationally recognised verification and calibration centre and ensures a long-term stable value of the measuring devices, enhanced legal security where legal verification regulations apply as well as reliable measurement results and long periods of use in the exacting environment of the food industry.


Typical areas of application

JAKO product & service offer
  • Cleaning in cyclic and continuous processes (CIP/SIP compatible!)
  • Aggressive environmental and cleaning conditions
  • Aggressive measuring media
  • Test laboratories
  • Wide range of sector-specific process connections, e.g. milk pipe screw connection
  • DIN 11851, tri-clamp or aseptic connections (DIN11864-1,-2,-3)
  • Hygiene-compatible chemical seal designs, dead-leg-free
  • Stainless steel designs (1.4571, 1.4404, 1.4435) and surface coatings
  • FDA approved materials and substances
  • EHEDG-compatible device designs
  • Highly temperature resistant
  • Austrian verification service
  • International ÖKD calibration service