Industrial gases

Gases and gas mixtures are widely used in the industry as well as in many areas in the research and medical engineering sectors. Depending on the application, gases are in a liquid or condensed state and stored, delivered and supplied in bottles or liquid gas tanks. They are needed in all areas, where welding or cleaning activities are carried out or that are cooled and where a hygiene-compatible oxygen or air supply must be ensured.


JAKO measuring devices meet all relevant and applicable standards such as the EN 562 and can be supplied in oil and grease-free designs as well as with Ex approval. Also dial pressure gauges complying with the more exacting requirements to the protection of people according to EN 837-1 are produced and supplied as measuring device with safety class S3 with laminated safety glass, relief opening and solid front.

Typical areas of application

JAKO product & service offer
  • Pressure regulation for gas bottles
  • Monitoring of gas offtake points
  • Dosing systems
  • Tank cylinders for liquid gases
  • Natural gas vehicles
  • Welding syst
  • ATEX conformity declaration or certification for equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres

  • Oil and grease-free design prepared for oxygen use
  • Dust-proof and waterproof designs (IP67)
  • Measuring devices with safety class S3, i.e.: solid front between measurement system and dial
  • Austrian verification service
  • Internationally recognised ÖKD calibration service