Metal production

Smelting and melt moulding plants, sintering plants, steelworks engineering such as in conversion plants, continuous casting plants, hot and cold rolling mills are just a few examples for the diverse application areas of JAKO pressure and temperature measuring devices. The area of application is characterised by aggressive environmental conditions, high measuring medium temperatures, pulsating pressure loads and strong vibrations.

Highest operational safety must be ensured in these plants. Accordingly, the ATEX EC Directive must be complied with for measuring instruments in potentially explosive atmospheres. If a SIL assessment of the measuring instruments is required for the risk evaluation of the overall plant, JAKO also supplies the respective required data: the average probability of failure on demand (PFDa), hardware failure tolerance (HFT) and thesafe failure fraction (SFF).


Typical areas of application JAKO product & service offer
  • Pressure monitoring in milling plants
  • Differential pressure monitoring of filter and pump systems
  • Pressure control for hydraulic lifting, conveyor and press systems
  • Temperature monitoring in cooling systems
  • Temperature control of measuring points without energy supply
  • ATEX conformity declaration or approval for equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • SIL assessment for measuring instruments
  • Thermometers for the reliable measurement of extremely high temperature
  • Energy-independent temperature measurement of remote measuring points  (with remote sensor and temperature compensation)
  • Highly temperature resistant sensing elements and device housings
  • High and low pressure measuring ranges
  • Resistant to pulsating pressure load
  • Silicon and grease free measuring and connection systems
  • Overload-proof device designs
  • Vibration-damped reading, e.g.: glycerine filled measuring instruments
  • Steam-resistant
  • Dust and water proof designs
  • Austrian verification service
  • Internationally recognised ÖKD calibration service