Water treatment

The obligation for the national implementation of the IPPC Directive – the European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive 2008/1/EC – stipulates the use of the best available techniques in the construction of new and modernisation of existing water treatment plants. Therefore, a high growth in the water treatment market is to be expected. Austria is playing an important role in this industry. Many research and development projects focus on the task to design the plants of the future even more efficiently and smaller and to this end, reliable pressure and temperature metrology is a must.

JAKO products are used in many areas of application of communal and industrial wastewater treatment. Pressure gauges with chemical seals are used for viscous measuring media or media with solid particles. For the most part, however, industrial measuring instruments are used that fully meet most of the application requirements already in their standard design.

With its long-standing experience, JAKO is also the ideal partner for research and development projects.


Typical areas of application JAKO product and service offer
  • Overfill basins
  • Fermentation systems
  • Compressed air supply systems
  • Insensitive to high air humidity
  • High to low pressure measuring ranges
  • Resistant to pulsating pressure load
  • Vibration damped dial reading thanks to glycerine filling
  • Steam-resistant
  • Austrian verification service
  • Internationally recognised ÖKD calibration service