Achtung/ Important note:

Die angegebene Messtoffbeständigkeit
dient als Orientierungshilfe und ist
eine Empfehlung ohne Gewähr!

The specified measuring medium
resistance serves as guidance only
and is a recommendation
without guarantee!

Legende / Legend:

2 = gut beständig
      good resistance
1 = bedingt bis kaum beständig
      limited to virtually no ristance
0 = unbeständig
      no ristance
' ' = unbekannt, keine Angaben
      unknown, no information

Resistance of metal


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Depending on your individual system and the nominal temperature and pressure as well as the chemical composition of the measuring medium, the recomendation of this table is applicable or have to be revised by your engineers in order to decide the appropriate and suitable material of the process connection, measurement element and housing, to ensure reliable and precise working condtions. Please note, this table is just a recommendation without guarentee!


Angriffsmedien Messing Stahl 1.4571
PTFE Nickel Monel Hastelloy Tantal Titan
Vaseline     2            
Vinylazetat     2 2          
Vinylazetat-Essigsäure       2          
Vinylchlorid       2 1 1 1 2  
Viscose       2